Top 10 Lifestyle tips ! Change your life

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  1. Don’t use on social media apps at one week

uninstall social media apps

if frist step change ur life peacefully & happy . You agree than this 10 Lifestyle tips change your life . Don’t think any type of message , work tension and etc. Don’t think of social media friends. If u wake up early at 5 clock morning of open your eyes slowly . Don’t see your wake up mobile . Use an wall clock see the timing . Don’t think any nagative . Think only positive if you do then this.

2. Go for morning walk & running on park

. Go for morning walk at morning peaceful area . Like that means your favourite place also.. frist time try one week . After you also realised then your life go for so happy . If you walking on the park don’t think work and any types of tensions . Only see that area birds and think like ur happiness. If try this one week you realised change your life.

3. Help cooking your family .

Every day atleast one time help for cooking your family. It’s best learning way to cooking and spend time your family also. And one time romantic talk on cooking time .

4. Let’s go for your family unplanned trip.

. Weekend go for trip your family… If go for unplanned trip and suprise family .. she will never think nagative for your. Then your trip spend time with you atleast one time romantic talk and sing song , dancing on your trip.

5. Don’t eat from road side food .

. Don’t eating road side street past food … It’s not healthy for yours .

6. Reading books daily one hour

. Every day reading from books atleast 5 pages daily … It’s very useful from your daily life . Every book increase your knowledge . And increased your view and gain your knowledge . Reading books it’s very important on human life. It’s change your life.

7. Every day go for work out one time.

. If you daily routine busy at work…. Spend time your self atleast one hour daily . Exercise very important that your life.. if you only one time on daily exercise.

8. Daily Routine 10 minutes meditation .

. Meditation increase your attention . If you start Meditation peaceful don’t think any work tension and every day life . Don’t over thinking . If you control on your tension only for meditation relaxation for you try this 10 minutes only.

9. Don’t think work tension at your home .

10. Sleeping daily 6-8 Hours only.


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